Layer Your Jewelry Like a Pro

Layer Your Jewelry Like a Pro

Ever look at your jewelry collection and get overwhelmed about layering? Where do you start? Which gemstones compliment one another? What length should your necklaces be? Should you mix metals?... Read More

Full Moon Rituals & Reflections | August 11th 2022

It is one of my favorite times of the month... FULL MOON!   Time to 'pull those weeds' and let go of all that doesn't serve you.   Aquarius full... Read More
Full Moon over the water
Florida Keys beach at sunset

New Moon Ritual & Reflections | July 28th 2022

It’s moon time again! Which means it's time for my favorite new moon ritual.Every month, I use the cycles of the moon to take a moment to reflect and reset.New moons... Read More

Full Moon Reflections | July 15th 2022

'Plant your seeds and pull those weeds.'   I learned this saying years ago from my sweet friend, Kristen L., and it sums up my personal mindfulness practice with the... Read More
supermoon over a fishing boat
Menz ZEN collection featuring lava rock

Find Growth, Motivation, and Grounding with Lava Rock & Wood Elements

The ZEN Energy Behind Lava Rock & WoodFrom stylish bracelets made from lava rock and wood to aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils, ZEN is more than just jewelry. It's a tangible reminder connecting us to the... Read More

Summer State of Mind

Do you feel the Summer energy? The sun shines longer and brighter all over our country. It leaves us feeling energized and ready for the longer days ahead. And that's what... Read More
ZEN by Karen Moore Lifestyle Blog: Summer State of Mind
Backyards of Key West Podcast

Backyards of Key West Podcast

I'm a Podcast-er! If that's a thing :) A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with local artist and gallery owner, Mark Barrato for a special feature... Read More

The Next Chapter…Karen + ZEN

I have some big news... Last month I resigned from my position as Buyer at The Green Pineapple in Key West! Over the past four years, a part-time gig turned... Read More
birds flying over the sandbar in the Florida Keys
Balance the Energy Within: The Seven Chakras

Balance the Energy Within: The Seven Chakras

Do you seek balance in your life? Do you have a daily intention practice? Are you curious about personal energy maintenance? The human body is amazing and naturally seeks to be... Read More

Turquoise Jewelry: The Healer, Master of Many, and December Gemstone

Eye-catching Turquoise is by far one of the most beloved gemstones all over the world. Turquoise is an energy wizard, known for its powerful health benefits. It is the master... Read More
ZEN by Karen Moore turquoise jewelry collection