Kylie Morgan & Jay Allen wearing ZEN by Karen Moore jewelry

Ever find someone you admire and feel inspired by their talent, message and overall good person energy? That is how I feel about musicians Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen.

If are not familiar with this sweet couple they are both Uber talented singer songwriters that are on the cusp of what people say in the music industry of making it BIG! They are already wicked successes and each headlining their own tours starting in February.   

Admittedly, I have a bit of a crush on Kylie. Her music as officially made me a country music girl. This is something new for me…

Earlier in January, I had the amazing opportunity to see them live in Key West in a mini venue - up close and personal. I just felt like this was fate for some reason. I do so much of my work at the amazing Perry Hotel, recently feel in love with Kylie's music and now they are coming to the event lawn for a show - exactly were I spend a lot of my time for ZEN!

Like a true groupie, well what I really mean is admirer... I created and gifted Kylie and Jay a personal ZEN jewelry collection and I think I nailed it. They even wore pieces of my jewelry that night and ice spotted it again after that night too - it was truly such a pinch me moment & the perfect way to kick off my January 2024.

I got to met Kylie before the show quick and she told me Jay wanted to ‘wear it all’. My friends and I sat front and center - it was all acoustic, so personal. Then after the show we got to chat and take a pic (told you I’m all in and their #1 Florida Keys fan for sure). Jay called me 'the coolest Karen' (thank you). We all giggled again about putting all the ZEN positive energy jewelry on at once. Well they get it....that is what you do - Layer it. Love it. Find Your ZEN!

A few days later, I spotted Kylie with ALL of her ZEN jewelry on Instagram! Ahhhhh….pinch me again. I’m feeling the love and she even sent me a photo to share, I thought that was kind & thoughtful - a beautiful soul inside and out.  

Thanks Kylie & Jay for kicking my 2024 off right. I’m so inspired to push myself to the next level and share all my love and positive energy with the world.

The Kylie & Jay Collection is classic ZEN by Karen Moore to the core.

For the mermaid cowgirl, Kylie, it was all Conch Shell and Baroque Pearls. Of course the Conch Shell, the spotlight gem as they both love the Conch Republic and that is the original signature ZEN.Then the fanciest of pearls to really showcase confidence, love and wisdom - my newest baroque pearls have off the charts beauty and uniqueness — that is just how I felt about Kylie. Quite honestly, there’s a lesson around uniqueness with in my newest pearls - please embrace and learn to love, and share your unique treasures. Kylie’s latest album share elements of believing in one’s self, determination, just making it happen. It’s titled Making it Up as You Go, so often I feel I am doing exactly that as I’ve lived this entrepreneurial life the past 13 years.

For the Jay ZEN collection - two staples were a no brainer - Wood & Obsidian - these are filled with the energy of growth, motivation and protection and for an additional pop - Jasper! The Jasper brings that stable, grounding, nurturing energy.  If you listen to Jay’s music he has this loving, family, feel good vibe all the way. He’s know from being on the show the Voice and for a few of his songs - most notably Blank Stares (song about his mother’s fight with Alzheimers). My favorite song No Present like the Time (so good) - any time you need a reality check or a reset - play this song. The time we have right NOW is truly is the PRESENT every day.

If you’re looking for an upbeat, feel good playlist - do yourself a favor check out Kylie Morgan & Jay Allen!


Keep on living your dreams my friends...


In Health & Happiness, Karen xo


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