Do you urn for a more balance, feeling good and power to be healthy?

There is a belief that balance can be obtained naturally - this is not an easy task, but I am all about having a wellness toolkit to help and using aromatherapy and essential oils is one tool to take charge of one’s health and your entire household’s health & wellness.


Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils, including essential oils, and other aroma compounds for the purpose of altering one's mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being.1

History…essentials oils date back to ancient times. They were used all over the world for spiritual, ritualistic, cosmetic, hygienic & healing the sick.


How Do Essential Oils Work?

• Essential oils are plant extracts. They are made up of tiny molecules, which are quickly absorbed into the body & bloodstream allowing them to be very effective.
• They actually repair & restructure your DNA structure!
• Oils possess various chemical compounds that have specific medicinal properties to them.
• For example: anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic, anti fungal, anticancer, circulatory stimulant, liver protectant, muscle relaxing, antidepressant, and so many more!!!

• Their scent alone will also have a very strong affect on you. Each essential oil will evoke an emotion, perhaps bring up a memory or take you on a journey. 


“Everything in Life is Vibration”… A. Einstein
Essential oils can raise vibrations.

The law of nature that states everything has a vibration. Negative energies such as radiation, cancer, and unnatural foods vibrate much slower than energies of love, joy, and live foods. So it’s best to find ways to improve our overall health & well being by increasing our overall vibration.

What Can I Use Essential Oil For?

Pretty much everything!

  • reducing stress, anxiety, calming effects, emotional support & just feeling good
  • cuts, scraps, bumps & bruises
  • beauty & skin care
  • fighting illness & building immune system
  • balancing hormones
  • digestion aids & useful in detoxing
  • cleaning & purify our home
  • teas & water infusions, cooking & baking

How do you actually use an essential oil?

#1 Aromatically (Lungs)

  • The Diffusing in a diffuser into the air
  • Simply inhalation (straight from bottle, or on a cotton / tissue)
  • Create a mister spray (dilute to 2%, for 1oz use 8 drops)

#2 Apply Topically (Skin)

  • Mixed in a lotion or carrier oil, always dilute (dilute to 1-2% for 2oz lotion add 10 drops)
  • I prefer jojoba, fractionated coconut oil or almond
  • Cautions: do not apply directly to skin (use caution depending on heat of the oil, like cinnamon, oregano, clove, etc.) and some EOs can be photosensitive (i.e. citrus, beramont)
  • Always be sure to dilute and test for sensitivities.

#3 Internally (Digestive Tract)

  • Under tongue, in a capsule, in tea or food, supplements
  • This can be controversial, so do you research and trust your gut on if this is right for you. I personally love a drop of essential oil in a large bottle of water (use a glass bottle)

Be Playful and  Experiment!

Everyone can benefit from the use of essential oils. 

Children seem to respond very well to essential oils, its best to dilute heavily and difuse or apply to feet as they are the gateway to all the body's organs.

Essential oils can be used on animals (i.e. ticks and fleas) but there are several cautions and animals can be very sensitive. Do your research.

Come to class, learn with me, get some hands on play time. I teach all around the Lower Keys usually quarterly and I am considering doing a virtual class in the coming year.


Start with the Basics

Build your wellness toolkit collection with the fundamentals. 

  1. Tea Tree – antiseptic, skin ailments, mouth health
  2. Lavender – all things relaxing & calming, healing, skin health, love
  3. Peppermint – focus, cooling, energy, inflammation
  4. Lemon – cleans & freshens, energy, vitamin c
  5. Frankincense – when in doubt use this, grounding, regenerative
  6. Thieves* – natural defense, immune boost
  7. Orange - happy, uplifting, energy, wellness
  8. Eucalyptus - respiratory support, lung health, decongestant, soothes muscles
  9. Lemongrass - circulation, muscle healing
  10. Vanilla - warming, sensual, just yummy!

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Need help? I am here. 

My mission is to help more people add a little more healing and happiness to their lives.

Come to a class, join my ZEN Insider list or email me and we can chat about hosting a Pop-up ZEN party & EO play date.

I have been using essential oils for over 25 years and for the past 20 years I have been a happy user of the Young Living brand of essential oils. This company has what is considered some of the highest quality premium grade oils on the market.  They hold themselves and all of their source farms around the world to high standard. Many essential oils on the market today have fillers and are simple not 100% pure. Young Living has no fillers, no fragrances, so they are safe & potent.

I am a consultant for Young Living oils, if you need anything I am happy to help you, reach out or you can access my portal here (my sponsor/enroller # is 1275021).


In Health & Happiness, Karen xo


1 Reference material: “Essential Oils Reference Guide” by Life Science Publishing, Karen's school of life & a dash of the Internet


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