Eye-catching Turquoise is by far one of the most beloved gemstones all over the world.

Turquoise is an energy wizard, known for its powerful health benefits. It is the master healer, most notably because it is a gem with balancing power. It can give energy when needed and also release energy to help calm the body and mind.

When wearing Turquoise jewelry you feel strong and protected. Use Turquoise when you have something stressful going on to keep you calm and focused or when you are doing a reset in life.

This gem is good for supporting purification of toxins and perfect for the New Year because it brings strength to stick with intentions, especially those in alignment with a healthy body and mind.

The intense energy will strengthen your communication skills, as this is a throat (fifth) chakra gemstone. The gem obtains it rich blues and greens from the minerals by which it grows, mostly copper and aluminum.

Interestingly, Native American culture holds this gemstone in the highest regard, to them it is more valuable than gold. Often used as a talisman, representing good fortune and protection, Turquoise was used in armor of warriors, placed in the home and of course used in jewelry to bestow the powers to the wearer.

Found all over the world, but for me it was the mountains of Arizona where Turquoise stole my heart once again. I was lucky enough to meet a few Turquoise distributors during my time living in Arizona back in 2008 and now I have access to bring you beautiful creations made with this unique and powerful gemstone.

Most of the Turquoise jewelry you see in the ZEN shop comes from Arizona, USA! I hope you enjoy the beauty and energy from the latest Turquoise ZEN jewelry designs.

In Health & Happiness, Karen xo


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