Do you feel the Summer energy?

The sun shines longer and brighter all over our country. It leaves us feeling energized and ready for the longer days ahead. And that's what makes summer THE perfect time to do a mind reset.

I know you're probably thinking, "what exactly is a mind reset?" Well to get started, it's relatively easy! It just takes a moment in time to simply...pause. During this pause, think about what you're striving for, working for, passionate about. And maybe, just maybe, start thinking about how to start taking the steps to make these goals a priority in your daily life.

And that's it!

A mind reset is all about aligning your personal energy with your aspirations, wishes, and truest desires.  That's when you can take a moment to reset your way of thinking. And when you make a change, that's when the real shifts will happen.

This is where being intentional comes in.


Living with intention is a life practice.

The practice seems simple but don't be fooled - it is work. It involves small daily mental and emotional actions that must be practiced over and over (and over!) again. But once you have it mastered? It becomes much easier...almost, automatic.

Think of intentional living like playing catch. Did you hear a negative comment at work today? The 'ball' is the negative comment and it's coming at you full speed ahead. And although it's coming your way and you're poised to catch it, you control the speed, angle, and strength at which you throw it back into the world. And it comes down to that simple moment after you've caught the ball - that pause - to change the way you react and remember that positive intention you are striving for.


The truth is it is all about MINDSET.

Awareness is the key -- feeling a negative energy and shifting to positive.

It is not ignoring something bothersome or troublesome, it is acknowledging it, embracing it and saying -- 'YES, I see it, I recognize and process it, and now I shift to my positive energy and intention'.

You control your energy, how we react, how we put ourselves out into the world and how we behave throughout the day.


Here is a simple way to get started with daily practice:

  1. Select a positive word or affirmation you truly want in your life (selecting the focus can be daily or monthly or for the year);
  2. Anchor that word or phrase with the use of a physical object that is on your person throughout the day -- your glasses, a watch or a beautiful ZEN gem bracelet. Natural elements can support the intention and serve as a reminder me to stay focused on your positive intention;
  3. Throughout the day, be reminded of your intention, reset as you feel negativity and shift to your positive energy;
  4. Practice often; as often as you need to.


    My favorite elements from Mother Nature supporting summer resets and anchoring intentions:

      • Apatite: wonderful for inspiration, manifesting and supporting kind & clear communication (think of this as your soul chatting with yourself);
      • Conch Shell a ZEN favorite of course! Conch Shell embodies clarity and calm. Think of that feeling you get when you are at the beach. It is wonderful for supporting growth in new endeavors and is a heart energy element so it will love you up and give you a virtual kiss from the ocean.
      • Prehnite & Rose Quartz will support and bring forward your heart's truest desires and help you be honest in living your truth. So often we live for others and not truly aligned with our soul.

      As for me, this summer I am embracing the energy of inspiration and clarity. My goal is ALWAYS to live life fully. Do less thinking. More time being. More stillness.
      (wish me luck.. this is truly work for me too!)

      Ready for your reset but would like some help? 

      You're in luck - I've created a full schedule of June events with this specific intention in mind and would love to see you and help!

      💎 Come to an event
      📿 Join me for a class

      Think about what you desire and embrace your dream mindset and find your perfect fit. I promise to share my positive energy and knowledge about intentional living and feel-good jewelry with you.

      In Health & Happiness, Karen xo


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