Do you seek balance in your life? Do you have a daily intention practice? Are you curious about personal energy maintenance? 

The human body is amazing and naturally seeks to be in harmony, even though it is rarely in perfect balance; therefore creating a routine for your energy maintenance is important.

Everyone has something to work on, it is a normal part of life. Chakra energy is a way to think about this work.

In the world of yoga, we learn about seven main energy centers in the body. Chakras are swirling energy centers that flow up though the body from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Ideally, the energy is flowing smoothly like a beautiful river or stream. When the energy is flowing freely all feels great and when one of the chakras may be be out of alignment or blacked, you may feel stressed, frustrated or just a little ‘off’.

Balancing our personal energy is like brushing your teeth — you have to do it daily. When your chakras are aligned, balanced and cleansed, you feel energized and centered.

Each of the seven chakras are associated with a color, a gemstone, and has a physical and emotional aspect tied to it.  And every gemstone and ocean element carries natural supportive energy for all the chakras.

Creating a daily intention-setting process and anchoring it with a physical object or your ZEN gemstone jewelry is a fabulous tool in your wellness toolkit.

ZEN Chakra Jewelry Collection

The (main) seven chakras are a rainbow of life force energy running from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Root (1st) chakra, Muladhara located at the base of your spine  
• represents safety and security  
• red & black gemstones and all woods: onyx, obsidian, lava and jasper  

Sacral (2nd) chakra, Svadhisthana located below your navel
• supports creativity, passion
• orange to peach tone gemstones: carnelian, moonstone and orange corals  

Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra, Manipura located at the stomach
• supports confidence and personal power
• yellow to warm caramel tones: citrine, calcite and amber

Heart (4th) chakra, Anahata located at the heart
• represents love, joy & inner peace
• pink and green tone gemstones: rose quartz, prehnite, aventurine, amazonite and conch shell

Throat (5th) chakra, Vishuddha located at the throat
• supports communication, expression of self-truth
• blue gemstones: turquoise, lapis lazuli, blue lace agate

Third Eye (6th) chakra, Ajna located between the eyebrows
• represents intuition, trusting in one's knowledge, know as your third eye
• purple to indigo gemstones: amethyst, lepidolite, moonstone too

Crown (7th) chakra, Sahasrara located at the top of your head  
• represents connection to universe spiritually and pure bliss
• white, iridescent creams: howlite, moonstone and mother of pearl

Honoring the body, mind and soul when it feels out of sync is important. You can get back in sync by supporting yourself with simple wellness practices to help regain that feel-good spirit. Simple actions like a quick walk, meditating for five minutes, or a few yoga postures can work wonders for a reset at anytime of the day.

Wearing your favorite gemstone jewelry to support you is another way to to anchor your intentions and balance your energy. I love putting my jewelry as the last step of getting ready before I head out the door… I set my intention as I choose necklace layering and my bracelet stack.

Everything in life is all about energy. Doing the work is part of life… enjoy the process and enjoy the harmony you can create within.

When exploring the ZEN store, all the jewelry has the chakra energy noted in the descriptions. The ZEN Chakra Collection has all seven chakras in one piece of jewelry so it is the ultimate balancing design!

What energy are you looking to bring into your life?

In Health & Happiness, xo Karen


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