It’s moon time again! Which means it's time for my favorite new moon ritual.

Every month, I use the cycles of the moon to take a moment to reflect and reset.

New moons are when the moon is perfectly aligned with the sun and earth is in the middle of the two — this makes the moon appear 100% dark behind the shadow of the earth.

The Leo new moon is on Thursday, July 28th. This new moon will bring forward sassy, sunny energy, perfect for jazzing up your life. The Leo zodiac sign has a powerful, strong energy that will help propel you forward and support making bold moves.

Take a moment to step outside and watch this change in real time. The dark evening sky is a reminder you have a blank slate to fill with new intentions, start a new routine, draft new a plan or maybe get started on that new project! This is where your new moon ritual comes into play. You can do this every month. Check-in, reflect, repeat.

Why not jump into something new this month and let the Leo’s courageous bold energy will help you?

Start with these Leo moon practices:

 •  Journal or meditate
 •  Dream up that passion project and set course on something new
 •  Invest in yourself and work on a new creative hobby
 •  Connect with nature: explore the outdoors, garden, or just go for a walk
 •  Treat yourself to monthly friend nights out (try hosting a coloring party, I just did that and it was a so much fun!)
 •  Stop procrastinating and start a task that has been on your to-do list for months

I like to think the new moon ritual theme is “just do it” — be brave, courageous and creative!

Personal Moon Reflections

As I sit here at my family beach cottage on Lake Erie writing this, I am filled with so much gratitude and love. I have a huge family and each summer I get to spend a week or so with my six brothers and sisters, mom, eight nieces and nephews, great aunts, and cousins. We spend our days walking the beach, exploring, sunning ourselves, swimming, eating, sleeping, and repeat! It fills my soul with some much positive energy to connect with family and the outdoors.

This past week, I noticed something that just amazes me: our entire family is all so caring and kind. It's clear to me that I am a reflection of each of them, especially my mom. I used to wonder how I became the girl I am today. Where did I get my positive, shiny energy and desire to help others? When I see my whole family in action together, I know why I love helping people feel good. It's how I was raised.

I find joy in seeing others happy and healthy.

I can see the correlation from my family to what I do in my ZEN business; I share positive energy daily and help others look and feel good. ZEN is not only jewelry, but it is health & wellness tips. It's a little pep talk about daily life or a deep conversation about personal growth. It's a way of life.

These are the characteristics I've worked towards my entire life - and I get to share them through my work with refreshed sun-shiny energy - which is an amazing feeling!

Get ready for the rest of 2022… I have high expectations of myself and some big projects I am starting. I am not procrastinating any more.

Professionally, I will be stepping into new projects to round out the year (inside secret... I will be launching some ZEN merch soon!). I am working towards taking the advice of the new moon ritual - to push myself, stop procrastinating, and "just do it." I am saying YES to new avenues to share my ZEN creations and teachings with you.

Personally, my intention is to continue to work on stilling my mind, do daily meditations, spend more time to be with my hubby in nature and Just BE.

Have a beautiful Leo month filled with positivity, passion and courage.

Tune in. Try on. #FindYourZEN no matter if you are near or far.

In Health & Happiness, Karen xo


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