Hello, world! I'm Karen. I'm originally from Buffalo, New York and lived in San Diego and Madrid before making my way home to Sugarloaf Key. I've traveled and lived all over, but the Keys grabbed my heart, and I mean literally grabbed my heart. It was here on a girls trip that I met my future husband, Clint. I moved here one month later to be with him and the rest is history!

Life in the Keys is filled with so much beauty - from the locals who welcome you with open hearts to the community support that makes you feel like you can do anything (and you can). The best thing is the island nature & ocean energy that surrounds you in every direction feeding your soul allowing you to truly become YOU. 

My old life as a corporate girl are not days I miss, but I certainly pay tribute to that time in my life. Those experiences helped build the confidence I needed to venture off and make my passion my livelihood. I’m proud of my accomplishments, my education, and my history, but as I get older, I’m happy I took a chance. Making jewelry and doing my own thing allows me the free time to actually live life which is priceless. What is life if you’re not living it?

When not making jewelry and running a business, you can find me taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and landscape down here. My favorite activity is boating and exploring the Lower Keys waters. I also love to paddle board to the the mangrove islands, relax on the sandbars, and practice yoga at home in my ZEN Den Studio or at the local Keys studios. I love socializing with old friends and new at shops and restaurants around town like The Green Pineapple and the Square Grouper Restaurant. The residents of the Keys all have a unique story to tell about how they found themselves here and we share the desire to find a way to make an everyday life out of what is just a vacation for some people. Welcoming tourists from around the world puts a smile on my face every day. I never know who will end up in line at Baby’s Coffee or at Murray’s Market and the connection we might share.

I hope to met you one day and share a little piece of my ZEN that you can carry with you.

In Health & Happiness! xo, Karen

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