The ZEN Energy Behind Lava Rock & Wood

From stylish bracelets made from lava rock and wood to aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils, ZEN is more than just jewelry. It's a tangible reminder connecting us to the earth...and to each other.

I have this recurring thought often, especially when playing with unique element combinations. Imagine you are me… laying out a tray of pinks, blues, and pearls (June's birthstone) and then wood and lava rock elements somehow find their way into the design. A surprising combo, right? But that's what it's all about. Sometimes the most beautiful combinations happen organically, complimenting one another in a way I never thought they could.

It's one of my favorite things; sitting in my ZEN den and letting the gems tell me a new story, one of strength and positivity, that I haven't heard (or created) before. And that’s when I dive into the messages and meaning behind what was made.

Lava Rock: Grounding Energy, Calm and Focus

Lava rock's energy is supportive. It provides the strength to accomplish tasks and keep you on course. Lava rock helps keep you cool, calm, and collected, and helps relax and control an overwhelmed mind. And with a porous surface, lava rock is the perfect vehicle for essential oils as a personal diffuser - so you can wear the intention of spiritual clarity and transformation with a fresh, clean aroma that lifts mood and frees the mind.

When to wear: ZEN Lava Rock Collection is ideal for men or women seeking clarity and peace of mind when challenges arise.


Wood: Growth and Motivation

Wood is such a fabulous element to wear. Think about a tree and it's connection to the earth and the heavens. It is a symbol of wild growth, drive and determination. Think of the roots grounding down to anchor us and keep us supported as the sun calls its branches up to the sky.

When to wear: ZEN Wood Jewelry is a great element to support you in new projects and personal development. 


Jewelry and accessories are extensions of our bodies and we can all benefit from wearing earthly energy. Enjoy browsing the entire ZEN Lava Rock Collection and the feel good collection of wood with Menz ZEN. These bracelets are easy to wear, share and will support you with positive vibes!


All my designs can be customized. If you don’t see what you are looking for online or you want to custom design something for you or that someone special, please contact me and we will get creating!

In Health & Happiness, Karen xo 


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