'Plant your seeds and pull those weeds.'


I learned this saying years ago from my sweet friend, Kristen L., and it sums up my personal mindfulness practice with the moons.


The changing of the moon's energy is similar to 'gardening your life', you have to pull those weeds to ensure your seeds can grow and flourish.


New moons are at the beginning of the lunar cycle, making them the best time to set new intentions, layout future goals. While the full moons are a reminder to harvest the fruit of your labors and release anything that isn't serving you. Best of all, full moons give us time to make space for what is to come.


There's no time like the present to get started, right?


You're in luck because on Wednesday, July 13th, at 2:37pm EST, the moon moves into Capricorn - AND - the elliptical orbit moves closer to earth. 


This means:

1) You have the strongest and most focused of the astrological signs motivating and supporting your release of all that doesn't serve you. 

2) This elliptical orbit makes the moon appear up to 30% brighter, creating a phenomenon that takes place only 3-4 times a year. 


A supermoon in Capricorn? That creates quite the dynamic duo for a summertime shift. Imagine all that energy to support you and help you pull all those pesky weeds! This bright energy is a wake-up call to align to your intentions to assist you in moving forward.


I love the cycles of the moon! They are perfect reminders to reset our personal focus. So often we get off path and loose ourselves to the busy hustle of life. We forget to make time for ourselves. This is a trick our mind plays on us. There is ALWAYS time and we should ALWAYS treat ourselves as the top priority.


Next, do a little soul cleanup. The full moon energy sweeps away the dust in the mind, like taking out the trash (aka anything that isn’t serving your highest and best good). Once you've made space, allow the moon to shine the light on your intentions and mission.


It's called practice for a reason. It takes time, and commitment, and lots and LOTS of practice. I have to work at it too. Right now, I am getting back to a dedicated journaling practice and am using the moon cycles to guide me. Each new moon I set intentions for the coming month. I look at my life goals and desires and take time to stop and Just BE still for a moment. When the full moon rolls around roughly two weeks later, I reflect, let go of the mental clutter and physical stress and any negative emotions so I can start fresh again.


One of the ways you can practice moon reflecting is by joining one of my Key West workshops. Last month, I started teaching a ZEN class called Get Aligned at Sweat Society Key West. The class put into practice everything in this blog, plus everyone in attendance created their own ZEN gemstone bracelet. The bracelet serves as a tangible reminder to anchor your intention and keep focused. Plus, they're fun, look beautiful, and make you feel beautiful!


Stay tuned for more workshops like this in August and join me in celebrating the supermoon. Don't forget to pull those weeds!


In Health & Happiness, Karen xo



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