Nature surrounds in the Florida Keys - where the sun, breezes, shifting skies, and turquoise water combine into something like a second skin. Life is saltier and brighter in this part of the world. You feel more intuitive, and vibrant. It's a way of being that infuses my jewelry. Zen is what you see and experience in each piece. The beauty of the stones I select and the weight of this small gift from our earth on our skin settles the soul, like warm sand on bare feet.

I create my jewelry pieces by hand, inspired by my life on the ocean and the wonders I have seen on my travels. The pieces work alone or in layers, depending on the weather of your mood. They tell a story in gemstones, whether a speck of Amazonite on a suede cord that adorned your neck the day you needed a bit of good luck; the chunks of Labradorite anchoring a ZEN Wrap Necklace chosen for its transformative power the day you started a new job; or a mala bracelet strung with conch shells and freshwater pearls worn to feel close to the ocean. Formed deep in the earth’s layers, in volcanoes, and by the tides, gemstones hold concentrated energy and beauty that magnify when worn on the body. I invite you to try on ZEN by Karen Moore jewelry. Follow your instincts and find your own ZEN.

In Health & Happiness! xo, Karen

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