ZEN Videos

Enjoy some ZEN videos. The Collection will continue to grow so check back from time to time to see what is new. Thank you for your interest in ZEN by Karen Moore.

How To Wear Your Long ZEN Wrap®

The long ZEN Wrap® is a versatile necklace, allowing you two basic ways to wear it. The first way is to wear it long and the second way is to wear it short.

To wear it long, create a basic over hand knot and then adjust the knot and pendants to your desired position.

To wear it short, double it around your neck and then create an overhand knot. Adjust knot and pendant to your liking.

See video for a more detailed explaination.

Karen's Interview on Local Key West Television

Karen is interviewed by local host Jenna Stauffer on The Good Morning Florida Keys Show. Interview is two parts.


What is ZEN by Karen Moore™ All About?

A quick video highlighting what Karen and her ZEN by Karen Moore™ jewelry line are all about.

The Zen by Karen Moore jewelry line is more than just jewelry, it is a feeling, an intention and an expression of you. Wear it as a fashion accessory, healing tool for enhancing your well being, or simply as a reminder to live life and be happy.

Watch the video for a more detailed explaination and information.

Wear in Health & Happiness...