Doggie Charm by ZKM

Custom doggy charm

Custom doggy charm

Finally, the long overdue ZEN Doggie Charm for Castor, the amazing great dane! A little over four months ago Castor was diagnosed with bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in his rear left leg. He’s joined the tripawd club with honor and handling his chemo like a champ.

Seriously, this dog is unbelievable! To read more about his incredible journey check out the great blog his mommy (Mel) keeps @

My wish is for my little gift of ZEN to continue to boost his healing and keep him safe, happy and healthy for years and years and years to come. Castor’s ZEN Doggie Charm has been custom designed to invoke: protection, healing, positivity and health :)

Smoky Quartz (greyish brown)
∞ Protective and Neutralizes Negative Energy
∞ Calming and Grounding Stone
∞ Mentally, Promotes Positive Thoughts and Neutralizes Fear of Failure∞ Physically, Excellent Stone for Treatment of Radiation-Related Illness or Chemotherapy
∞ Provides Pain Relief and Particularly Effective for Ailments of the Abdomen, Hips and Legs
∞ Assists Elimination & Detoxification on All Levels

Amethyst (purple – hiding in background)
∞ Brings Strength, Stability & Peace
∞ Extremely Powerful and Protective Stone with High Spiritual Vibration∞ Blocks Negative Environments
∞ Balances Highs/Lows, Promoting Emotional Centering
∞ Beneficial to the Mind, Calming or Simulating as Appropriate
∞ Helps Attain Wisdom & Aids in Moving Forward
∞ Treats Insomnia and Brings Restful Sleep

Castor…wear in health and happiness.

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