The Chakra Be Balanced Bracelet

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A rainbow of gemstones. Wear as a physical reminder of your own specific chakra work or simply to know that positive energy flows through each of us.

This bracelet supports ALL the chakra energies.

Rainbow Obsidian (black, iridescent glow)
• Security, grounding, balance
• Root (1st) chakra represents safety and security

Carnelian (burnt orange)
• Creativity, strength, passion
Sacral (2nd) chakra supports acceptance, abundance, passion and pleasure

Calcite (buttery yellow)
• Positivity, cleansing, energizing
• Solar Plexus (3rd) chakra supports confidence and personal power

Aventurine (pale green)
 • Positivity, Well Being, Good Luck
 • Heart (4th) Chakra represents love, joy and inner peace

Lapis Lazuli (royal blue)
• Serenity, peace, truth
• Throat (5th) chakra supports communication, expression of self-truth

Amethyst (purples to lavender)
• Strength, stability, peace, wisdom
• Third Eye (6th) chakra represents intuition, trusting in one's knowledge

Moonstone (iridescent white)
• Balance, new beginnings, love
• Crown (7th) chakra represents connection to universe spiritually and pure bliss

Howlite (white & grey marbling)
• Calming, communication, creativity
• Crown (7th) chakra represents connection to universe spiritually and pure bliss

• Sterling silver or 14kt gold-fill toggle clasp
• Length: 7.5" total length, fits 7" on wrist (can customize size but gem pattern will be modified, email for custom order)
• Can be customized to fit any size, children included
• Women's typical size is 7", men's is 7.5"
• due to the nature of these elements, can vary slightly in size, pattern & color

Handmade with love in the Florida Keys.

Born from a passion to share positive energy and foster living life to its fullest.

Karen cleanses all her jewelry with reiki energy to allow you the opportunity to infuse each stone with your personal intention and daily wishes.

Chose your ZEN, set your intentions and feel the difference of ZEN by Karen Moore jewelry.

Live in Health & Happiness, xo Karen

Each handmade creation will arrive gift-ready, packaged with ZEN by Karen Moore® design message card, gemstone meaning card(s) in a giftable pouch.