Necklace Styles

ZEN Wrap®

The ZEN Wrap is a trademarked piece in the ZKM jewelry collection. Most notable features are the simple design of the necklace and the optional ways to customize and wear it. The idea started with the intention of “wrapping” yourself in the holistic quality of the gem and has since been the flagship piece of the ZKM collection.

The ZEN Wrap comes in a few variations all of which are customizable, including: silver, gold, short, long and cascading. The original design is two medium sized single stones. The long ZEN Wrap® can be worn short or long and is commonly layered with a pendant.


The ZEN pendant is simple, full of energy and perfect for those looking to isolate a certain holistic property of a gemstone. A pendant though simple in nature on the outside can posses a bold deeper meaning for those wearing it, making it perfect for looking beautiful and feeling strong.

The ZEN pendant layers great with the long ZEN Wrap and is commonly embellished with a charm to give it that personal touch.

The ZEN pendant comes in 3 common lengths 16", 18" and 20". The option for a custom length or chain is available too.


The motivation behind the cascading ZEN style was to create a waterfall like group of gems specifically assembled to combine several energies or qualities on one necklace.

The multitude of different combinations make it a favorite among women wanting something custom and personal. Length, chain and stones are all customizable. Simple and petite, bold and bright or anything in between. The possibilities and endless combinations make this style great for personalizing you!

The cascading style is a popular addition to a long or short ZEN Wrap®. The cascading pendant is popular for those liking the more traditional necklace style of a pendant.

Mini Gems

The mini gem collection is a pendant style necklace with a single "mini gem". A smaller more petite version of the regular ZEN pendant.

The mini gem pendant can be embellished with a charm to add a custom touch. Typical charms are peace signs, starfish, sea turtles and hearts just to name a few. Another common embellishment is to add one or two more mini gems to your necklace, especially when you want the healing and holistic qualities associated with specific gems.

Mini gems can also make a great gift for a child or teen who prefer smaller jewelry.

Custom Work

Custom work ideas include: engagement, holiday gifts, wedding, bridal gifts, birthdays and anniversaries just to name a few. Have a custom a piece made to remind you of a person, place, emotion or maybe just a reminder to love life and yourself.

The scope of holistic qualities goes beyond this, but truly that is the essence of what ZKM is. As a teacher, Karen can guide you in creating a piece specifically for your holistic needs.

The process is fun and easy. In the end you will have created exactly the piece of jewelry you wanted. If you are interested in creating a custom piece please don’t hesitate to contact Karen.