Bracelet Styles

Eco ZEN Wrap®

The Eco ZEN Wrap® is a 40 inch eco-suede cord made of nylon and polyester. It comes in many color variations including: black, chocolate, tan, sand, smoke, turquoise, navy, lilac, olive, camel, ivory, orange, blue, red and pink. The versatile Eco ZEN Wrap® can be worn as a bracelet, anklet and as a necklace. Being water-friendly it is perfect for the active lifestyle.

True to the roots of the whole ZEN line and aside from the versatility of the bracelet, the holistic qualities of the stones are what make this and all ZEN creations truly unique.

Gemstone Bracelets

The ZEN gemstone bracelet is simple and meaningful. The whole ZEN jewelry line is made to compliment each other and adding a bracelet to the combination just makes beautiful sense.

The gemstone bracelets are crafted by handpicking each stone for a cohesive and finished look. Some of the details include gold or silver hardware, various styles of clasps and a wide variety of stones. Common embellishment include charms and mini-gems to those wanting to add a little something extra to their bracelet.

Custom Work

Custom work ideas include: engagement, holiday gifts, wedding, bridal gifts, birthdays and anniversaries just to name a few. Have a custom a piece made to remind you of a person, place, emotion or maybe just a reminder to love life and yourself.

The scope of holistic qualities goes beyond this, but truly that is the essence of what ZKM is. As a teacher, Karen can guide you in creating a piece specifically for your holistic needs.

The process is fun and easy. In the end you will have created exactly the piece of jewelry you wanted. If you are interested in creating a custom piece please don’t hesitate to contact Karen.