30 Days of Firsts Challenge

People are asking me — What is this 30 Days of Firsts, Karen?

I started a personal challenge “30 days of firsts”.

I committed to doing something new everyday for 30 day and I am all jazzed.  I thought about this forever and this week randomly I just started!

30 Days of Firsts Challenge

30 Days of Firsts Challenge

Day 1: pole fitness class with a few crazy fun friends

Day 2: completed my farthest paddleboard trip attempting to get home from a little island in the Gulf of Mexico (I have some work to do on that)

Day 3: I crafted my first print ad for ZEN by Karen Moore® jewelry, this ad is for this publication, Mindful Magazine (look for it in September)

Day 4 (TODAY!): my first blog post where I am going to start sharing my health, wellness & everything ZKM with my friends… read on please.

…Are you willing to try…share your stories with us!

The ZEN Blog is not just for jewelry anymore!

Over the years I have amassed all sorts of knowledge and experience as I progressed through my own personal wellness journey. I love to share and educate friends and family, so why not share it as a reference here.   Learning from others trials and successes is sweet too!  So please share.

I love all things organic, Mother Nature, the ocean, the trees, birds fascinate me. I love to travel and will jump at the chance to do new things without blinking an eye. My husband, family and friends are my world. I love gemstones and essential oils, cooking and having parties.  I like juicing, eating fresh veggies, cleanses. I love yoga and am constantly working on my meditation practice.  I eat almost anything. Pizza is my favorite food so I have to keep it all in balance. I am a huge fan of alternative healing practices and teaching people that each and every one of us has the power heal and be in control of what we do with our precious mind, body & soul.

My mantra: Live a life of positivity and show others they have the power to do just that too.

In Health & Happiness, zkm

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