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Conch Shell Earrings to be Redesigned


ZEN Wrap Made from Conch Earrings


During Creation

During Creation

Final ZEN Set

Final ZEN Set






…call it what you will — It’s a form of creativity no matter what the material is, where it’s been, how you got it! Most important is what you are doing with ‘things’ you’re holding on to. Do they make you feel good when you see them or wear them? If not, get creative!<

The Story of Carved Conch Shell Earrings Transformed to a One-of-A-Kind ZEN Wrap®

My latest re-design or up-cycled design was crafted together with the lovely, Jasmine. She had a pair of beautiful rose shape conch flower earrings that she wanted to redesign.

At first all I knew was Jasmine wanted to add a classic round conch shell bead to a pair of sterling conch earrings. I had no idea the FUN that was in store that Saturday afternoon.
When I saw these gorgeously carved conch shell roses she wanted removed from the earrings, my first inclination was these little treasures MUST be crafted into something better than ever!!
… what about a simple pendant?
… what about this, what about that?
… then Jasmine, says “how about a ZEN Wrap”?
… DING DING DING!!! That was it. Off we went on a custom design.

She instantly knew she wanted an OM charm on there, a strong representation of serenity and grace. Conch symbolizes clarity and growth in new endeavors. Finally, we added the ultimate feminine gem, iridescent rainbow Moonstone.

This wrap embodies the true essence of Jasmine, her name is a flower, she loves flowers and now she has redesigned her beautiful rose conch earrings into a true treasure that is one-of-a-kind and 100% unique.

I thank my co-designer and creative visionary for this experience. I absolutely love one-on-one work and designing with my clients.
If you are looking for a way to bring that special something you love into your everyday wardrobe? Come visit me at one of my events or contact me to schedule an appointment to custom design your own ZEN treasure. ZEN Wraps® are a great way to recycle that token of memories into something you will wear and treasure.

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