Super-Moon, Tea-time, Trunk-Show

Key West Paradise Paper Clipping

Key West Paradise Paper 4/3/12

Did you see the moon last night? WOW. I watched it rise over on the beach with my hubby, it was so peaceful, yet powerful. I love the moon and the cycles it’s a constant earthly reminder to let go and bring in. I practice releasing anything that does not serve me at the Full Moon, this gives space for bringing all that is of my highest and best good, i.e. receiving at the New Moon.

So with this Full Moon and all the special energy, I am so excited to be participating in this conscious women’s event where we will be sharing stories and our creations today!

I will be displaying my ZEN jewelry at:

  • The Yoga Sanctuary
  • Green Pineapple marketplace

See you soon!!!
Wear in Health & Happiness, zkm


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