A Custom Chakra Story

Chakras are powerful energy centers within our bodies. When the energy flowing throughout our bodies gets stuck, you may feel off, not like yourself, sick or in pain. Yoga, meditation, exercise, energy work and mental focus can all help move this energy around and be used to realign that energy. What is super cool about gems is that each gemstone relates to one or more chakras!

*New* ZEN by Karen Moore Chakra Set

*New* ZEN by Karen Moore Chakra Set

Chakra Sets added to the ZEN by Karen Moore jewelry line…

If you are new to chakras, read this short article: The 7 Chakras for Beginners.

ZEN by Karen Moore jewels can be subtle reminders of our intentions, it could be as simple as a feeling that you want to keep going throughout the day or a way of reminding yourself to let something go. Each day is different.

Yesterday, I was all about love and happiness, I put on my light green prehnite bracelet (fourth/heart chakra) and viola’ ~ I had love and happiness with me all day. These are guide lines and not rules; the potential of intention, mind and self are very powerful. Make your ZEN jewels work for you!

ZKM Chakra Pendant set is seven different gemstone pendants, one for each chakra.
Each set includes a sterling silver chain, either 16″ or 18″… I can customize with 14kt gold-fill hardware.(left to right: clear quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, prehnite, citrine, carnelian, garnet).

Custom Chakra Creation Story

Sandra's Custom Chakra Set

Sandra’s Personalized Chakra set with ten pendants with two sterling silver box chains

“I am so grateful I have come across your wonderful work! You are trying to help people look nice and feel better with reminders of the energy that all of the gemstones have, and that can only create positivity in people’s lives.” …Sandra O.

Sandra, an Etsy client, wanted to add to her ZEN collection. She took some time reviewing the gem meaning page on my website. Based on meaning, energetic quality, color and texture she selected 10 gemstones that resonated with her.

We decided a custom chakra set (well almost two) was the way to go. After corresponding via a few emails with pictures, we came up with the following personalized set that worked for her!

Now Sandra has a full range of ZEN gems that can mix, match and layer … what FUN!

  • 7th ~ Crown ~ Amethyst (purple) ~ pure consciousness
  • 6th ~ Third Eye ~Tourmalated Quartz (grey w/flecks) ~ intelligence, physic power
  • 5th ~ Throat ~ communication, expression ~ Lapis Lazuli (dark blue), Apatite (teal blue), Blue Lace Agate (pale blue), Turquoise (nugget)
  • 4th ~ Heart ~ Jade (green) ~ unconditional love, passion
  • 3rd ~ Solar Plexus ~ Moonstone (white) ~ personal power, growth
  • 2nd ~ Sacral ~ Carnelian (orange) ~ reproduction, creativity
  • 1st ~ Root ~ Tiger Eye (golden brown) ~ security, survival

Shop online at my Etsy Shop, see my Chakra Set pictures on facebook and in person at my local trunk shows (next one May 4th in Key West), or message me via email.

West Coast ZEN friends…I’ll be in San Diego and Phoenix area from May 9- 20th…see you soon.

Wear in Health & Happiness,

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