McKee Art Auction

Over 70 creations were auctioned off. Artists each receive 50% of the proceeds and the rest of the money raised goes directly back to local Keys artists in the form of grants.

ZEN by Karen Moore at the Anne McKee Art Auction

William Welch painting was the high bid at $7K (source: Conch Color magazine)

January 28, 2012: My husband, Clint, and I spent the night under the stars working at the McKee Artist Fund Auction in Key West. A first year volunteer, I was bestowed the duty of being a lovely ‘Vanna’, working along side veteran Vanna’s displaying the art to the lucky bidders that night. The yearly event was held at the historic, and some may say haunted, East Martello Museum, on the Atlantic ocean in Key West. The auction celebration was held in the garden area in the center of the fort and was packed with close to 300 guests and volunteers.

My auctioned creation was handcrafted with deep blue lapis lazuli, accented with beige fossilized coral, golden citrine and channeled serenity & abundance. The gold collection consisted of a unique long ZEN wrap┬« necklace, a pendant and two bracelets. To view this set of zen treasures click here ~ it’s the center picture on the home page.

Wear In Health & Happiness,

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