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“I like to think good energy travels as far as it needs to. Somehow it always gets to where it needs to go.” ~ ZKM

ZEN by Karen Moore and Think Simple Now

Think Simple Now article mentions ZKM

Link to Article: How to Set Goals – To Create the Best Year

A soul sister friend, Cat Stevenson, made a custom order at a December trunk show in Arizona. Eagerly, I came back home to the Keys and completed the Amethyst & Moonstone set. I sent them off cleansed with Reiki energy and ready for Cat to enjoy.

She quickly found that her new treasures were no ordinary jewelry, but rather, powerful energetic accessories. In her words, “…there was this very high vibration of energy”, she went on to get lots done that day, “…with a high degree of clarity”. New to the feeling the gems gave her she asked her close, like-minded friends what they thought of crystals and gemstones. Many use them to set intentions, remind them of a mantra or help with a specific purpose… here the zen connection to Tina Su was born.

Tina is an author and the creator of Think Simple Now. She heard about ZKM jewelry, after Cat’s unsuspecting discovery of the energy potential gemstones can bring to a person.
The article talks about setting a theme type goal for 2012 and not stressing about so many tiny action-orientated goals that overwhelm us. Her article goes on to talk about symbolic reminders of this theme, i.e. a piece of jewelry.

I’ll warn you, the article is a few pages long, but most importantly, totally worthwhile. Grab a cup of tea and allow yourself some time to read it in peace and soak up the wise advice.

For me, this article is a big deal as I continue to put out the positive vibe for ZKM growth this year. Having someone mention little me and knowing thousands of like-minded people will see it makes me a happy and proud girl.

My theme this year is balance in health, relationships, work, home, adventure, etc. I’m going to use Amethyst and Moonstone for my reminder jewels.

Think about your one word goal, what is your theme? What will your gem be?

Wear In Health & Happiness,

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