Custom Convertible

Custom ZEN Necklace

Use it for your glasses

Custom ZEN Necklace

Wear it as a necklace

This is a custom piece that was designed for acupuncturist and  good friend Monica Behling in Scottsdale, Arizona. She  wanted something that would serve double duty as a piece of jewelry and a functional retainer for her sunglasses. The stones used were:

  • labradorite (as the main stone)
  • moonstone (one of her favorites)
  • rose quartz (to add femininity)

The combination of stones has a beautiful iridescent and translucent glow.

This is a good example of a custom piece. I encourage anyone with an idea to let me know and we can design a gift for a friend, loved one or just for yourself. Organic and raw materials, sterling silver and gold filled accents and your ideas equals a personal piece of jewelry that you can guarantee is one of a kind.

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