Making New Connections

Happy Weekend. Happy Fall.

Fall has finally come to the Valley of the Sun here in Arizona and it feels so good. A wave of crisp air has come over me and the people around me. Not sure exactly what’s happening but I have had many people asking me …who is your doctor? …do you have a massage therapist? …do you know a good acupuncturist? …who does your hair? …do you know anyone who does facials? Well the answer is YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! I think it must be all the fresh air and the excitement of a new season that has people thinking about a fall “tune-up”To me…feeling good, energetic and being healthy is so important; this way your life can just flow with ease. So here are a few people in my AZ connection circle that believe in healthy, fun and natural alternatives for helping you be the best you can be…tell them Karen sent you.

I LOVE making new connections, so share your’s with me!

Here’s to being Happy, Healthy and Free!


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